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Silicon Valley: Further With Ford

25/06/2015 – 09:03 |

The Further With Ford 2015 conference, now in its fifth year, was held in Silicon Valley for the first time.

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How to shop online without the “Idiot Experience”

30/06/2015 – 14:14 |

book-onlineI recently booked accommodation at a local hotel through Booking.com. Read the full story »

Hands On: Android Wear

29/06/2015 – 12:15 |

I recently starting using my Sony SmartWatch 3 properly, after pairing it with the LG G4.

Why I started using SnapChat again

18/06/2015 – 09:16 |

I first signed up on SnapChat about 2 years ago to see what this new social network was about.

Review: LG G4

10/06/2015 – 12:00 |

It’s been a while since a smartphone created this much hype and excitement.

Time to get real

10/06/2015 – 10:16 |

Last night I decided to go for a walk, as I always do. The crisp air forcefully tried to crawl into my clothes, constantly searching for an opening.

FNB SIM free for customers

05/06/2015 – 08:50 |

FNB Connect has expanded its offering with the addition of SIM cards, free to existing customers.

Instagram: Check your untagged photo locations

01/06/2015 – 09:45 | 3 Comments

Instagram shares your location in photos that you haven’t geotagged, but this isn’t new.