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Hands On: Logitech Ultimate Ears

28/10/2015 – 16:43 |

Earlier today Logitech launched its new range of Ultimate Ears speakers, which went on sale at Incredible Connection stores.

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Reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi 4

25/11/2015 – 11:55 |

xiaomiGood news, Xiaomi handsets have made their way to Africa, including South Africa. Read the full story »

Thoughts on the Nissan Leaf

24/11/2015 – 10:00 |

I got to drive my first full electric car recently, the Nissan Leaf.

How to: Use iCal and Google Calendar together

13/11/2015 – 11:50 |

This post is for those who make use of both Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal/Calendar.

6 Things about the new Ranger

20/10/2015 – 11:17 |

It’s easy to see why the Ranger was South Africa’s top selling vehicle, twice now. It is comfortable, and makes going off-road easy.

HP Consumer Launch

07/10/2015 – 17:48 |

HP held its consumer launch event in Barcelona today, announcing a slew of devices.

OrderIn food through WeChat

15/09/2015 – 14:53 |

I’m starting to see a trend with services launching on WeChat in South Africa (think M4Jam and GoBeauty; I haven’t tried PicUp).

iFix Plus Mobile Insurance

09/09/2015 – 11:01 |

About 2 months ago I cracked the screen on my iPhone 6.