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10 Nokia Phones I’ve Owned

Nokia-LogoThe news that grabbed everyone’s attention last week was Microsoft buying Nokia’s handset division in a $7.17 billion deal.

Now that things have died down a bit, and between various sites doing their own “best Nokia phones” posts, I thought I’d share a list of Nokia handsets I’ve owned over the years.

Bear in mind, it may not be the best Nokia handsets ever made, but they are what I could afford back then, or choices made solely on what the phone looked like (I totally did that!). I’ve not included phones that were passed on to me from my dad like this Nokia Communicator 9300. In no order of when they were released, they are (clockwise from left):


1. Nokia 3510
2. Nokia N70
3. Nokia 6230
4. Nokia 8210
5. Nokia E65
6. Nokia C1
7. Nokia 3210
8. Nokia 2100
9. Nokia N85 (won in a media challenge)
10. Nokia Asha 303 (won best tweet of the night at the launch)

Unfortunately, I haven’t owned a Lumia handset, however, I have reviewed┬áseveral of these smartphones, and I quite like the Windows Phone OS, especially the tile interface. If I had to choose one last Nokia branded handset to own, before the Microsoft deal kicks in, it would be the Lumia 1020, coming to South Africa before the end of the year.

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  • palesa

    I’ve owned quite a few Nokia phones but none from your list. I take it as them having released tons of devices!

    The ones I remember are: 2110, 7110, 8110 (the Matrix phone!), 3650 (my first smartphone), 6600 and N95. Great memories.

    • I remember the Matrix phone, you mean 7110 right? The first phone with WAP.