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8ta has introduced a South African first – free WiFi in its fleet of 150 cabs operating in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

The WiFi enabled cabs will provide connectivity to devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, at no extra cost.

Currently, there are no restrictions on how much data can be used in a single trip. Connecting is as simple as switching on WiFi; and searching and selecting for “8ta Wi-Fi hotspot”, with no password required.

Each cab has a router installed and uses 8ta’s existing network infrastructure to supply full connectivity for web browsing, email or accessing social networks.

Customers who need support can call 081 180 (non 8ta subscribers) or 180 (8ta subscribers).

To spot one of these 8ta cabs, just look out for the networks current “60GB+60GB” offer branded across Nissan Lavina’s.

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