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Review: Twist Plus World Charging Station

15/05/2015 – 09:30 | 2 Comments

I meant to review OneAdaptr’s Twist Plus World Charging Station earlier this year, but of course, travels got in the way.

6 reasons to get the S6 or S6 Edge

14/05/2015 – 12:00 |

NAFISA AKABOR shares her top six reasons to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Why I’ve turned off notifications

13/05/2015 – 10:15 | 4 Comments

In the last month, I began turning off notifications on my phone.

Review: Huawei P8

11/05/2015 – 12:00 |

The P8 is Huawei’s best smartphone to date and provides a luxury smartphone experience without a hefty pricetag.

GoBeauty launches on WeChat

08/05/2015 – 08:50 |

GoBeauty, a previous standalone app, has now launched on the WeChat platform.

A week with the new MacBook

05/05/2015 – 09:00 | 2 Comments

I’ve been using the new MacBook* for about a week now and this is just a quick post on it.