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Nestlé South Africa has brought the world’s first 3D-printed chocolate sculpture exhibition to Johannesburg.

The Chocnology exhibition is currently running at the Museum of African Design (MOAD) in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct till Sunday, 10 November.

A group of 10 South African artists were selected to create designs, inspired by Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android KitKat 4.4, and every aspect of it has been digital from using Android, to free online modelling tools, and of course, the 3D printer.

I visited the exhibition last night on behalf of TechCentral (see my photo essay here), and was impressed with the designs. We were very tempted to eat them, but thankfully, there were loads of KitKats available freely throughout the event. Here’s a collage of some of the sculptures:


The captions from top left to right are: Munching Android; Death by Chocolate; Food of the Gods; Maslow Deconstructed; Chocobot 3000; The Thinker; Choczilla; Easter Island; and BattleKat.

A huge, powerful fan is constantly running to keep all the sculptures cool so it doesn’t melt. If you’re keen to check it out, head to the Museum of African Design. The exhibition closes on Sunday, 10 November.

If you’re interested to know what the 3D printer looks like, I made a Vine:

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