lifestyle / 10/06/2009

experimenting with washing machines and USB sticks

Have you ever wondered what happens when a USB stick gets thrown into a washing machine?


Well, nothing really… quite an anti-climax. Stick should work just fine after a good rinse followed by a 1000rpm spin.

This experiment was conducted on an involuntary basis.

Nafisa Akabor
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  • Lol…good to know for future reference 😛

  • zk

    so what you saying is that…
    you forgot your flash in your jeans which then subsequently got washed and it survived??!?!?!?!?!

    yoh WOW
    thanks for testing it out 🙂

  • @Fatima – for sure 😛

    @zk – smart cookie 😉

  • I know from experience that some USB’s are difficult to destroy. If only our cameras and phones followed suit 🙂

  • What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger , lets hope the same applies to USB drives 😛

  • coffiebean

    hahaha.. could only be my sis 😛

  • Hmmm.. Next week try a macbook

  • @KiLLa – if you’re sponsoring one, okay, sure.

  • Mach 8 ssd’s operate between -40 to 85C according to industrial spec on their site. Normal flash operating temperatures are around 0 – 70 deg C. No moving parts = no shock issue & minimal risk of particular contamination. Data lifespan is estimated at 50 – 100 years (how they figure that out when the technology is less than 10 years old defies me). I might be wrong, but the greatest risk to your data was probably posed by shorting on the external circuitry if it wasn’t properly dry. BTW, SDHC spec allows for up to 2TB storage, SDXC implements it and is currently in prototyping.

  • Try throwing a CD into a microwave. Makes a great geek party trick.