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Ford announces AppLink 2.0

cars  /   /  By Nafisa Akabor

fordlogoFord has announced AppLink 2.0, at a press briefing in Taipei this morning.

The update brings a host of new features between smartphones apps and the vehicle; as well as giving more access to developers.

AppLink 2.0 will give developers access to cloud-based voice activated features and in-vehicle push notifications through the audio system (similar to a smartphone experience); and access to vehicle data, with a customers consent.

Ford’s global developer program has been extended to the Asia Pacific and African markets and can be accessed here: developer.ford.com.

Ed Pleet, director of connected services for Ford Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe says, “With the Ford Developer Program, we became the first automaker to launch an open program allowing software developers to directly interface with the vehicle.”


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