online / 27/08/2009

found in google labs


There are people out there with issues 😛

Nafisa Akabor
Always online... except when I'm offline.

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  • Im possessive over the stickers on my destop casing also..
    Yes some things are better left unchanged..

    Did u know, if u had Ms Windows with MS Plus installed, then installed an update of some sort… The “PLUS” logo would disappear from the loading screen..

    It should irk me that it disappeared..

    Your IBM Ad on the right is taking me to some ramadan site..

  • My friend Delon used to say “Gmail Beta the chat eater”, it’s not beta anymore but it’s still a chat eater. Not sure if it’s more a connection problem or a Gmail problem, but Gmail is still the best email ever

  • Killa – thanks, I fixed it.

    Waseem – I <3 Google. Waiting for HTC Hero to launch.