online / 24/10/2011

GlamBox: try before you buy

GlamBox is a ‘try before you buy’ online service for cosmetic samples, make up and beauty products. As someone who never has time to for these things, all the beauty products I own are months/years old. I read somewhere that mascara should be thrown out every 6 months. Oops.

So I took the plunge and signed up for a 3 month subscription with GlamBox – enough time to decide if I like it or not without feeling tied down to it like a cellphone contract. I also love the idea that you can sample products without making any effort to go out and buy it. Score!

I received my first box today and loved the packaging, as well as the contents, which were:

> Elizabeth Arden Ceramide gold ultra restorative capsules
> Catrice brown eyeliner pencil
> Skin Science rejuvenating enzyme exfoliator
> Hugo Boss Orange fragrance
> SoyLites massage candle
> Rimmel glam eyes Day2Night mascara

I’m happy with my first box, and definitely worth the R100 a month. If you’re interested in signing up (and feeling like it’s your birthday every month with each delivery), check out their website at

Nafisa Akabor
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  • Oh it comes in such a pretty package!

    I’ve been undecided about signing up since you mentioned the 3 month trial for it on Twitter. This is definitely influencing me towards taking it but…I…must…resist :p

  • I wonder how it compares to Rubybox. I signed up for that this month, and should receive my first box during the first week of November. We should compare notes.

  • @Nikhat – I don’t understand what’s stopping you! 😉

    @Syllable – PattiLain and I decided we’ll try Rubybox after our 3 month is up with GlamBox. But will look out for your blog post, right? 🙂

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