My first impressions of the Huawei Ascend P7 is that for a 5″ handset, it sits very nicely in the hand because it’s 6.5mm thin. Its also 124g light, which makes a huge difference. A 5″ handset is acceptable when its slim and slight, and doesn’t feel like a weight in your hand – nobody with my hand size wants to walk around with a clunky handset.

P7 box

The design and packaging is very similar to the P6, as you can see. The rounded edges at the bottom make all the difference when you hold it. It’s seamless and the buttons don’t stick out a lot. Huawei even positioned the power button at the point where your thumb sits on the side – no extra fiddling about to look for it.

P7 side

The innovative design around the SD card slot which doubles up as a nano SIM slot is really great… except my nano SIM didn’t fit into it. Refer to pic below. There is a very little, tiny border around what’s left on a nano SIM card, and it appears that teeny tiny but needs to be shaved off further to fit! May be tricky doing it yourself via some online tutorial because there is huge risk in damaging the SIM. But it needs to be done somehow as I don’t see the size of nano SIMs (not in South Africa anyway) changing in shape again.

P7 SIMThe interface is very similar to iOS 7 with bright colours and clean font. I’ll have to play around more to see what’s most useful from the 650+ new UI additions, when compared to the P6.

P7 homescreen

As for the camera, I’ve only taken a couple of pics from my hotel room. I don’t want to bore you with similar pics on my Instagram but I’ll share more in an in-depth review. The camera options also allow you to add a watermark directly. Great for anyone who uses their smartphone as a camera primarily (most people/non-professional photogs).

P7 Camera

So as far as first impressions go, the phone is great in the hand, love the slim design and can’t wait to test the camera properly. That’s two out of the three main focus areas of the P7 that Huawei was going for – craftsmanship, camera and connectivity. The up to 150Mbps speed on the 4G/LTE is great if I lived in South Korea! 🙂

P7 browser

Look out for an in-depth review in the coming weeks.


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