If you love using Instagram as much as I do and want an easy way to create a collage of your photos in less than a minute, just follow these simple instructions.

You’re basically making use of an Instagram printing service called Prinkl (formerly called Printsgram) where it allows you to create collages ready for print. The nice thing about the service is that it lets you save the collage as a pdf, which is why it’s the best way to create a collage – even if you don’t want to print it. And if you want to use a home printer, you have a high-res file. Win win.

1. Go to
2. Connect with Instagram

3. Choose a poster size (small, medium, big)
4. Choose a layout size (5×3; 5×7; 10×14)
5. A new page will open with a bar of all your Instagram pics at the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop pictures into whatever slot you want.
6. Click on “Create”
7. Click on “Download pdf file” and then “Save as pdf file”.
8. All done:



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    That’s really cool!

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