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Siri has finally been opened up to third-party apps on iOS 10. If you managed to update to iOS 10 earlier this week, despite the hiccups, you would have noticed it there’s support for South African English. This means it will understand your accent; or rather, it should.

If you’ve never bothered using Siri before, now is the best time. There a couple of things you need to do first. Like enable Siri under Settings; and then turn on ‘Allow “Hey Siri”‘on your handset. This will record you saying Hey Siri three times, and few other sentences. Once that is active, whenever you say “Hey Siri”, you can then ask it to do useful stuff for you.

I’ve decided to share some of the useful things you can do with Siri as I’ve picked up that most people who’ve never used Siri are not sure what to say to it. I keep my Siri language on English South Africa and my Siri voice has always been British Male, since it launched. It just felt weird making it anything else. My voice feedback setting is set to “always”.

Also note, if you want Siri to work with Twitter, you have to be signed in from iOS level, not just on your app. Go to Settings > Twitter and sign in there first before attempting to send your first tweet. The voice commands are just the most logical ones for me and with a bit of trial and error.

(it’s smart enough to do follow up questions)


CAMERA ROLL: “Hey Siri, show me all my photos from London” or “Hey Siri, open photos with cats/food” (so yes, it can search objects in pics) [YOUR CAMERA ROLL OPENS WITH THE PHOTOS YOU ASKED FOR]


siri-messages siri-whatsapp






Reminders and Calendar stuff was always available, but i’m just highlighting them if you’ve never used it. It’s so much easier than typing up everything.


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