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Submitted by on 03/09/2009 – 11:2916 Comments

When I found out that Dion Wired was having a special on theirĀ  Samsung 24″ HD monitor – I thought it was an excellent deal at R1699 (normal price R2999 – special ends 6/9/09). I wanted it, I had the money but I couldn’t justify buying it because I had bought another Samsung 19″ monitor in February this year.

While my colleagues and I were discussing what a cool monitor it is especially at that price, I said, “if I could sell my current monitor then I’d buy this one”. To my surprise Patricia said she’ll buy it! So after calling Dion Wired for three days, checking for stock, I managed to get it yesterday.

Picture 306
When I got home, I had to resist opening the box so I didn’t miss Asr – because I knew it will take a while before I tore myself away from it. But I managed to set it all up in time and prepare for iftaar because yesterday was left-overs day (loads of left over Debonairs and barbeque wings).

I watched bits of The Dark Knight in HD and it is awesome!

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  • http://ever-great-waseem.blogspot.com/ Waseem

    I liked the post until you spoke about Debonairs, then i felt sad, and my stomach grumbled.

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    What about me – I had to TYPE it out :P

  • http://azras-adventures.blogspot.com Azra

    LOL. You had me up until BBQ wings :P Not cool girla NOT COOL… LOL!!

    Your monitor looks fabulous btw ;)

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    Lol, am having an extremely hungry day too. Its getting really difficult swallowing pro nutro at 4:30am :(

    Thanks! ;)

  • http://www.theblog.co.za sameer

    I want one too, excellent price, pity there arent any Dion Wired stores in Cape Town :(

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    There aren’t? Well, Jhb is were its all happenin’ :)

  • http://concerningmjk.blogspot.com MJ Khan

    Im going to buy one tomorrow!
    Great Deal – i need an upgrade from my CRT. And also – I have two xboxes so I want to create a system link for COD and some other games

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    A friend of mine also has his set up with his Xbox – its nice when we play multiplayer GH. Better hurry and hope they have stock!

  • http://concerningmjk.blogspot.com MJ Khan

    i’l still play on my tv – but i’l let my mates play on the monitor – does it have hdmi? and is it full Hd (1080p?)

    I hooked up xbox live recently – i will give you the lowdown on gtalk – btw – i have guitar hero 5 – got it on monday

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    Yep has HDMI and lol thats why I bought it – 1080! :D

    Cool…ooh still waiting to play it huh? After Eid?

  • http://concerningmjk.blogspot.com MJ Khan

    all sold out :(

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    Bugger :( you shoulda visited my blog sooner :P
    Don’t despair, go to http://www.nivo.co.za and sign up for the newsletter or just visit everyday and check their specials. A colleague bought a 22″ full HD Ben Q monitor for R1500 2 weeks ago.

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    This one looks good, http://www.nivo.co.za/#product/16128 – response time 2ms, mine is 5ms.

  • http://concerningmjk.blogspot.com MJ Khan

    im not liking you that much right now :(
    its cool though – the duy at dion wired says they having a birthday sale at the end of the month and they might have some good monitor specials then.

    but the samsung is looking good. let me know if you come across any other deals like that. do you think its impractical to get a small cheap lcd tv from hi fi corp? like a 32 inch sansui or something thats like 2500 and use that?

  • http://www.nafisa.co.za Nafisa

    I suggest waiting for their birthday sale first. Getting a cheap LCD means no full HD. The reason LCD’s are cheap is because they are bringing in full HD’s. You might regret it in a few months. I don’t recommend getting the cheap ones. Rather opt for a full HD monitor (22″ or more).

    I will mail you if I see any specials.

  • http://www.theblog.co.za sameer

    You guys are nasty, hehehe… but anyway, il keep an eye on that website and also HOPE that Makro/Game soon follow with same specials…