mobile / 05/02/2009

Nokia N85 – update

I peviously blogged about having to play with the Nokia N85, but what I didnt mention was all those who attended the demo for the N-gage on the N85, were not only given the phone to play with but were also in a competition of sorts. The person who made the highest score on N-gage would win a Nokia N85.

Well, that person was ME 😀

Thank you Nokia!

Your biggest fan.

Nafisa Akabor
Always online... except when I'm offline.

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  • You a gamer.. One that wins..
    I like that..
    If you ever care to lose..
    My PS3 id is “KiLLA0018”


  • Congrats! Cool feeling isn’t it. I won a Blackberry and an HTC a year ago.

  • @Killa – I play to win 😉 Lol, I’ll keep that in mind when I get a PS3.

    @Yusuf – Thanks, yes it is. Oh thats awesome too!

    A colleague suggested I should sell the phone and a buy a PS3. I’m thinking about it.