mobile / 15/07/2009

Nokia N97

Nokia South Africa have very kindly given me an N97 as a thank you for hosting their global ‘Search for N’ competition. I know some of you must have been sick of seeing consecutive Nokia posts so thanks for bearing with me during that time.

I received my N97 on Monday evening and the first thing I did once I hopped onto my wireless network was:


That was me testing the Facebook widget that came pre-installed. I have to admit I don’t like it, I prefer logging onto Facebook via Opera Mini. Btw, the Nokia default browser reminds me of Internet Explorer 😛 It definitely needs working on.

I’m still playing around and learning new stuff as I explore.. like finding out that I can use a widget slot for additional shortcuts:


As you can see in the image above, I have two rows of shortcut bars. Most of the widgets have real time updates and quite simply, I can’t afford to have it updating and eating away at a price of R2/MB. I’m looking into getting a data bundle soon. Just a small one though, for when I’m away from a PC. I still don’t use my full 10GB every month (Neotel).

I downloaded the native S60 Twitter client, Gravity and it’s a fantastic mobile application. It allows you to reply to tweets, RT, DM, favourite, unfollow etc and manage multiple accounts. It doesn’t come anywhere close to Twitter mobile. I’m currently making use of the trial period – it costs €10 at the Ovi store. I’ve also started downloading and installing random applications like a level, a handwritten recognition calculator, a bubble game etc. The novelty will wear off soon 😉

Okay, I hate long drawn blog posts, so I’m going to stop here. If I find the time, will post a review.

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  • I had a play around with this last week in the Nokia Store in Central London. I didn’t like it.

    I’ve actually had a HTC Hero to play with for the past week or so. It’s an android handset. I like it. Has a few flaws but on the whole a very nice piece of kit.

  • I’ve played with the HTC Magic, which is also an Android handset. Very smooth. I liked it because everything just synced. I don’t know when the Hero will be launching in SA, would love to play with it.

  • Haven’t seen the Magic but I doubt it’s much different although the Hero does have the latest skin from HTC.

    I like the fact that it just works. very little hassle…

  • You got a free phone? Cool!

    I must admit, I love gadgets and stuff…but I still prefer using a PC/Laptop/Netbook for anything Internet related…dunno why 😛

  • I was like that until I started testing some cool smartphones. It’s so convenient when you’re in a queue or out in public and have time to kill [lol ok thats me being anti-social]. My favourite mobile app is Gmail and my Twitter client (Gravity).

  • Cool phone, looks awesome. My current E65 was sucky, but now even more so, allot more!hehe

  • My E65 is lying has been lying in my cupboard for months, uncharged. I vowed that was the last time I’d buy a phone based on looks (I fell for the slide phone).

  • AD

    i got N63… and man it is brilliant!