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6 Things I love about the iPhone 6

14/10/2014 – 10:00 |

When the iPhone 6 was announced, I was a bit uncertain about the size. I’ve always said that a 4″ handset suits my hand size best.

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Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic

06/02/2009 – 12:07 | 7 Comments

Last night was the official launch of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic at Movida in Sunninghill. If you were disappointed with the iPhone, Omnia, HTC Diamond (there’s been loads of that on the local blogosphere), and waited this long, you probably wont be disappointed with Nokia’s “answer to the iPhone”. I’ve been fortunate enough to play with various phones and in …

Nokia N85 – update

05/02/2009 – 09:19 | 3 Comments

I peviously blogged about having to play with the Nokia N85, but what I didnt mention was all those who attended the demo for the N-gage on the N85, were not only given the phone to play with but were also in a competition of sorts. The person who made the highest score on N-gage would win a Nokia N85.
Well, …

Guitar Hero: Metallica

03/02/2009 – 21:14 | 7 Comments

I’m not a hardcore gamer, but if there is one game I cant wait for this year, it’s Guitar Hero: Metallica. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting for it. The good news is that it has an awesome track list. The bad news is that we wont be seeing it on 29 March 2009. Third world countries, pffft.
The …

27 Dinner

28/01/2009 – 10:57 | 19 Comments

Last night I attended my first 27 Dinner and it rocked, literally. The Xbox Guitar Hero: World Tour tournament had a lot to do with it.
Capello’s in Sandton City was buzzing… with geeks. So naturally it was dominated by males but I think there was decent turn out of women.
The guest speaker for the evening was Katherine Roderick from Microsoft …

Nokia N85

25/01/2009 – 17:17 |

I was given the Nokia N85 to play with over the Dec / Jan holidays. Compared to the other phones on the market, the N85 stood out. I’m a huge Nokia fan and for the last year and a half, I was disappointed with Nokia’s releases. Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting their ‘answer to the iPhone’ as its been dubbed – …

Spotted at Dion Wired

12/01/2009 – 10:39 | 4 Comments

I spotted these being SOLD at Dion Wired, God help us

In case you’re wondering what this ghastly thing is, its a croc… for your phone!

Spotted at Big Blue

12/12/2008 – 17:45 | 9 Comments

Really cool t-shirt spotted at Big Blue:

Need I say more?

Jake White launches blog

24/07/2008 – 13:07 |

At a media briefing yesterday, Google SA’s Stafford Masie announced the launch of Jake White’s rugby blog on blogger and a channel on youtube.
The former Springbok coach acknowledges he’s no IT fundi, but is looking forward to interacting with his readers via his blog (http://jakewhiterugby.blogspot.com). He hopes to add value to the “intelligent comments or questions” left by bloggers but …