Review: Just Dance 2017

If you have a Nintendo Switch and looking for some fun games, I recommend Just Dance 2017. I've played...

0 Comment / Apr 28, 2017


Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

I’ve been playing with the Nintendo Switch for about six weeks now, off and on. I wanted to write a more...

0 Comment / Apr 27, 2017

My top 8 Galaxy S8+ features

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy handsets, the S8 and S8+ should arrive in South Africa on 5 May, but has already...

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Review: LG G6

The G6 is LG's attempt after the modular G5 was considered a flop. If you recall, the G5 involved pulling...

0 Comment / Apr 24, 2017

A Mini Countryman road trip

Last week Mini South Africa launched its second-generation Countryman and invited me to drive it in Kwa-Zulu...

0 Comment / Apr 04, 2017


10 Thoughts on Apple AirPods

When Apple announced its new wireless earphones at the iPhone 7 launch (sans headphone jack), people...

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App of the Week: Starbucks

I've been testing the Starbucks South Africa app since November last year but couldn't mention it on any social...

0 Comment / Feb 01, 2017

App of the Week: Home Budget

I've been using the Home Budget app for the last 12 months or so, specifically to manage the household...

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Top 3: Food Delivery Apps

We all love food; and appreciate a decent food delivery service occasionally. It was no secret UberEats...

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