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A week with the new MacBook

05/05/2015 – 09:00 | 2 Comments

I’ve been using the new MacBook* for about a week now and this is just a quick post on it.

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Samsung Africa Forum

12/05/2011 – 22:05 | 3 Comments

The Samsung Africa Forum was held in Nairobi, Kenya this year and I was invited to attend the press conference where Samsung announced its product lineup for the African region.

The event is fairly new; the first one was held in Johannesburg last year (which I couldn’t attend), but those who attended said it was a huge improvement compared to the …

iHave an iPad

30/04/2011 – 18:39 | 5 Comments

I received an iPad (64GB WiFi+3G) from my husband yesterday. You know, the day people queued at stores as early as 6am (according to Dion Wired Woodmead) when the iPad 2 went on sale. They had marked down first-gen iPads at crazy prices.

I will use the device for recreation, I honestly can’t see myself working from it. Maybe I’m old …

Top Gear Festival

20/03/2011 – 18:23 |

Here are some videos I shot at the Stunt Show at the Top Gear Festival in Kyalami this weekend.
This is when Jeremy, James and Richard came out:

This is when The Stig broke a new record of doing 10 donuts in 15.7 seconds in a London taxi:

Samsung Galaxy Tab – is it worth it?

17/03/2011 – 14:12 | 3 Comments

Yesterday I played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (it was not given to me for review). My husband’s client gave it to him to create apps for them.

Anyway, my first impression was that it looked nice and I did (apparently what everyone else did) and put the ‘massive’ device to my ear and said “so this is how you’d look …

I have a Nintendo 3DS

16/03/2011 – 13:27 |

Yesterday I fetched my Nintendo 3DS (review unit) from Core Group. I was given the blue one, which by the way, is very pretty! Unfortunately, no games have arrived in the country yet, we should get them later this week or early next week.
It’s smaller than the Nintendo DSi XL:

I’ve been using what is currently pre-loaded onto the system:

Top 10 iPhone apps

08/03/2011 – 13:24 | 2 Comments

This post was written in response to a post on My Digital Life on what my top iPhone apps were. I’ve not included obvious apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. In no order, they are:
1. Dropbox – free

Dropbox lets you sync files between your phone, laptop or PC. It is very handy when I don’t have my cable, I just stick …