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Top 5: Mobile Payment Apps

22/01/2015 – 10:28 |

The convenience of paying with a smartphone took off last year in South Africa and it’s here to stay.

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Navigating with Navigon

17/11/2010 – 07:56 |

Yesterday I got to experience the Navigon GPS system first hand.
Let me start off by saying I usually stick to a brand that I think is best in its field. In this case, Garmin. I currently use a 5-year-old Garmin Nuvi 200, which is out-dated. Out-dated because I tried registering on the Garmin website but received an error, so …

Volvo S60 launch

29/10/2010 – 17:07 |

On Wednesday I was flown to George by Volvo South Africa for the launch of the “all new” Volvo S60.
When we arrived, we were taken to a warehouse just around the corner from the George Airport, where we got a glimpse of the “naughty” Volvo S60.

After a quick introduction and briefing, we paired up and got into the car, …

Opel Astra launch

06/10/2010 – 15:33 |

I was invited as a blogger to the media launch of the Opel Astra at Kyalami racetrack yesterday. It was the very first time I got to drive around the track – I was slightly nervous on the 1st lap – as I had no idea how sharp the corners were, etc, but by the second lap I drove ‘properly’ …

What’s your Levi’s curve ID?

15/09/2010 – 10:29 | 2 Comments

When Syllable asked me if I’d like to attend the Cosmopolitan Levi’s Fit workshop with her, I thought why not, I haven’t seen her in a while. I didn’t think, oh cool, I’m going to a jeans workshop! In fact, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it would just be another showcase of new jeans and a chance …

LG Blogger Forum 2010

06/09/2010 – 22:47 | 3 Comments

LG South Africa invited me to attend the LG Blogger Forum 2010, held in Berlin. It was a group of about 24 of us from South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The Africa quota was filled by 1 South African; me.

We stayed at The Steigenberger Hotel, where the presentation and explanation of products took place.

playing with the Nokia N8

17/08/2010 – 18:47 | 7 Comments

I was invited earlier today to get a sneak peek of the Nokia N8. The handsets are prototypes and from the demonstration I was given, I was very impressed.

If you’re a Nokia fan, and have been waiting very patiently for a revamped operating system, then you won’t be disappointed with Symbian^3. Most noticeable was the fast and responsive user …