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One month with the Apple Watch

23/07/2015 – 09:45 | 10 Comments

It’s been a month that I’ve been using an Apple Watch and this is my first blog post about it.

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Gadget Wishlist

08/12/2011 – 15:58 |

Here’s what’s high on my gadget wish list (originally blogged on MyDL).
1. Med8r – a high definition multimedia player

This fantastic device will let me watch TV series properly on my big screen, which I can access via the network (it’s WiFi compatible too). I really want a solution where I can sit on my couch and dump stuff onto the …

Rubybox: try before you buy

14/11/2011 – 23:18 | 5 Comments

I was sent the latest Rubybox (November) by the company, to do a comparison to Glambox. It is also an online beauty service that lets you ‘try before you buy’, for a fee.

When I received it, my first impression was that it was much smaller than Glambox. The size of Rubybox as shown on their website is not the size …

iOS 5: wireless update

11/11/2011 – 15:16 |

I got to try one of iOS 5’s new features earlier today – wireless software update, because I left my cable at home. It was very simple, all I had to do was go into Settings > General > Software Update and begin! 

Wireless software updates only work when you’re connected to a WiFi network; not via 3G. You will get …

Zara South Africa launch

09/11/2011 – 22:01 | 26 Comments

Earlier this evening I attended the Zara South Africa launch in Sandton City, which makes it the 80th country that Zara has expanded into. It is also one of the largest stores worldwide and covers more than 2,700 square meters; and has a nice airy feel to it. 

If you’ve never been to a Zara store before, you will absolutely love …

GlamBox: try before you buy

24/10/2011 – 15:45 | 3 Comments

GlamBox is a ‘try before you buy’ online service for cosmetic samples, make up and beauty products. As someone who never has time to for these things, all the beauty products I own are months/years old. I read somewhere that mascara should be thrown out every 6 months. Oops.

So I took the plunge and signed up for a 3 month …

Likes & dislikes: Nokia N9

10/10/2011 – 15:43 | 3 Comments

I’m two minded about the Nokia N9. While a lot of effort went into its design, Nokia itself have given up on the MeeGo operating system in favour of open source Tizen (not forgetting that Symbian is being replaced by Windows Phone). 

So if you’re seriously considering getting the Nokia N9, don’t expect a lot of new apps, or updates/support for …