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First Impressions: OS X Yosemite Beta

29/07/2014 – 08:40 |

Apple opened OS X Yosemite beta to the public last week, its first time doing something of this nature.

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Wii: what to expect

08/07/2009 – 19:14 | 9 Comments

Later this month Wii Sports Resort launches and it looks like loads of fun (its compatible with the Wii MotionPlus). If you enjoyed the Wii Fit, then you’d probably enjoy this a bit more. It includes the folllowing games: Archery, Air Sports, Basketball, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling, Frisbee, Golf, Power Cruising, Swordplay, Table Tennis and Wakeboarding.

guitar hero vs consoles

04/07/2009 – 11:57 | 3 Comments

Earlier this week I was invited for some GH: Metallica goodness at a friends’ place. It was such fun and the title rocks. I prefer it to GH III.
After playing on both PS2 and Xbox, I noticed that there’s a difference, I don’t know if it can be called lag. On the PS2 you strum the notes slightly earlier, before …

Review: HTC Magic

17/06/2009 – 10:36 | 5 Comments

When I got my hands on the HTC Magic (G2), the first thing I noticed was how slim and sleek it was, compared to its predecessor, the HTC Dream (G1). I’m no fan of HTC (hardware or OS) but I think this model is one that is decent enough to use. The phone has 6 buttons (home, menu, back and …

experimenting with washing machines and USB sticks

10/06/2009 – 11:57 | 10 Comments

Have you ever wondered what happens when a USB stick gets thrown into a washing machine?

Well, nothing really… quite an anti-climax. Stick should work just fine after a good rinse followed by a 1000rpm spin.
This experiment was conducted on an involuntary basis.

Wii Review: Deadly Creatures

04/06/2009 – 10:11 | 6 Comments

Unless you’ve run out of Wii games to play, you won’t be rushing out to buy this title. I found this game such a chore to play. Perhaps it was the freaky-looking creepy crawlies that were off-putting or maybe it had something to do with me being female. Whatever the reason, I didn’t enjoy it.
To start playing Deadly Creatures, you …

Nokia N97 winners

02/06/2009 – 17:09 | 6 Comments

Congratulations to the three winners of the Search for N competition:
Lee Richardson
Ahmed Essa
Nitesh Sana
Nokia will be in touch regarding the handover of your devices.
Thanks again to everyone for playing.

Search for N answers

02/06/2009 – 15:30 | 3 Comments

The answers to the 5 clues posted over the last week is as follows:
Haptic and tactile are types of these – “touch” or “touchscreen”
Not a window or a gadget, but a bit of both for your N97 – “widget”
Without these six you couldn’t read this question? – “QWERTY”
the largest on-board memory available for any Nokia – “32GB”
download apps, games, videos, …

Win 3 Nokia N97′s – clue 5

02/06/2009 – 12:59 | 37 Comments

Your fifth and final clue is as follows:
download apps, games, videos, podcasts etc from here for free or for a fee.
Clue 5 is a two word answer.
Clue 4 is both two words or one, depending on how you want to write it.
The race is on! First three people to send me all 5 correct answers with proof of ID will …