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Silicon Valley: Further With Ford

25/06/2015 – 09:03 |

The Further With Ford 2015 conference, now in its fifth year, was held in Silicon Valley for the first time.

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Nintendo DSi XL

29/03/2010 – 14:19 | One Comment

The new Nintendo DSi XL, an upgrade to the DS Lite will be available in South Africa by the end of April (30th). The two 4.2-inch screens are 93% bigger than its predecessor and has a wider viewing angle.

Amazing Cape

25/03/2010 – 18:58 | 2 Comments

Yesterday was one of the best days of my working career (it was also the first time I found myself on the highway at 06h20)!
All thanks to Nokia, who flew ten Johannesburg-based journos down to their Cape Town event to meet the “masterminds” behind Ovi Maps (NAVTEQ), show us the behind-the-scenes of building the mapping database, let us see the …

mirror painting

07/03/2010 – 20:42 | 10 Comments

I received a gorgeous mirror last year from my mother in law. What I love about it is the frame work / border, except that it was gold & black and the general colour scheme in my house is silver & black.
So off I went to Builders Warehouse (I love the store!) to pick up some paint, brushes and …

duct tape wallet

25/02/2010 – 15:14 | 10 Comments

I came across this ‘how to make your own duct tape wallet’ last night and just had to make it.
According to the site, you should be able to do it in 30 minutes. It took me about 1hr 15mins. I followed instructions from the Instructables website and this is how I did it, step by step:


Spore me a Hero

22/02/2010 – 14:54 |

Spore, one of the most popular PC titles of 2008, has finally made its way to the Wii. The spin-off, called Spore Hero, is similar to the PC game but has been adapted for a younger audience.
Spore Hero allows players to create their hero, while the main objective is to save their world from destruction. You can custom-design the creature, …

Wii are burning loads of calories

22/02/2010 – 14:45 |

Wii Fit Plus is an enhanced version of the extremely popular Wii Fit, which is the second best-selling game (not bundled with a console) in gaming history. The title can be purchased individually or together with a Wii Balance Board.

The game features all activities from its predecessor as well as 15 new balance games and six new strength-training and …