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Hands On: Logitech Ultimate Ears

28/10/2015 – 16:43 |

Earlier today Logitech launched its new range of Ultimate Ears speakers, which went on sale at Incredible Connection stores.

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Neotel’s 2Mbps WiMAX

04/08/2010 – 20:40 | 3 Comments
Neotel’s 2Mbps WiMAX

When Neotel first approached me about upgrading my connection to a 2Mbps line, for free, I wondered what the catch was. I was offered their WiMAX solution because a) I lived in an area with capability and b) my 24-month contract was up for renewal in a few months.
I was told that I didn’t have to pay for the …

geek’d up

27/07/2010 – 10:17 | One Comment

Last week I contacted @RSAWEB to find out if I could purchase a t-shirt from their geek gear ‘collection’. It was a shirt that read “I’m huge on Twitter”, which I wanted to wear to this event. I couldn’t get it in time but the person behind the Twitter account offered to send me the t-shirt, free! This is what …

Chevrolet Spark Launch

24/07/2010 – 13:32 | 4 Comments

I was invited to the Chevrolet Spark media launch in Cape Town on Thursday, 22 July. General Motors decided to do something different and invite “influential social media folks”, people who weren’t necessarily motoring journalists; and so my name was put forward.

When we arrived in Cape Town (there was a large group of us from Johannesburg), we were told to …

iBooks for iPhone

27/06/2010 – 23:07 | 3 Comments

I downloaded the iBooks app that was made available after iOS4 was launched (it’s free). I also downloaded a few free books, Winnie the Pooh, Macbeth and Dracula and two sample books: Why we suck by Denis Leary and Bro on the go by Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn.

What I like about the app is that it works smoothly. You …

my Gautrain experience

08/06/2010 – 14:28 | One Comment

05:00 – Entered parking.
05:15 – Passed boom gates (there was a huge delay as the parking ticketing machine was not working).
05:20 – Joined the ticketing queue. We stood here for 35 minutes. 1 Machine was not functioning and about 20 minutes later, another machine was closed for maintenance.
05:55 – Tickets purchased.
06:12 – Got on-board the Gautrain and headed to OR …

Fifa ticketing info

19/05/2010 – 18:45 | One Comment

I fetched my world cup tickets earlier today (in case you missed my Twitter and Facebook updates :P), and I remember someone asking me how the name change would work if tickets get re-sold, etc, I can’t remember who.

From my understanding, the main applicant needs to present their ID at the stadium and can bring whomever they want as …