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First Impressions: OS X Yosemite Beta

29/07/2014 – 08:40 |

Apple opened OS X Yosemite beta to the public last week, its first time doing something of this nature.

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Review: Splinter Cell Blacklist

05/09/2013 – 19:56 |

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the latest Tom Clancy stealth spy game.

Sony Xperia Z1 unveiled

05/09/2013 – 15:22 |

The Xperia Z1, announced at IFA in Berlin yesterday will be available in South Africa mid-October.

Lumia 625 and 925 launched in SA

04/09/2013 – 15:57 |

Nokia has announced that the Lumia 625 and 925 will be available in South Africa next week.

Ster-Kinekor brings IMAX back

03/09/2013 – 17:25 |

Ster-Kinekor will bring IMAX back to South Africa before the end of the year. 

How To: Copy files from your iDevice

03/09/2013 – 11:00 |

Ever wondered how to get files off your iPod, iPhone or iPad and onto your PC?

Telkom Mobile offers free WiFi

29/08/2013 – 15:29 |

Telkom Mobile is offering all South Africans free WiFi across the country.

Review: Fitbit Zip

26/08/2013 – 10:09 |

The Zip is Fitbit’s entry-level wireless activity tracker that comes in various colours.

Uber service live in SA + try it free

22/08/2013 – 12:54 |

The Uber chauffeur service has expanded into Africa, servicing the Gauteng region.