competition / 23/08/2016

Play Cadbury’s online game + WIN

Cadbury South Africa have released a new ad for its Bubbly chocolates, but along with the ad, they created a fun browser game called Friends in a Fish Tank. They asked me to try it out, and as someone who’s spent a fair amount of time playing browser-based games at work in the past, I had to check it out. Come on, you know you’re guilty too (remember Kitten Cannon)? Anyway, I don’t have Flash anymore, but thankfully, Friends in a Fish Tank does not require Flash!

The reason I’m telling you is that there’s something in it for you too. Cadbury SA are confident about how much fun you will have playing the game, and would like for you to try it out too… and stand a chance of winning a R1000 voucher, right here exclusively for Wired to the Web readers. And that’s sure to appeal to the gamer inside you! And as with all my competitions, you do not have to spam on social media to win; it is optional to post about it on Twitter.


Once you visit the Friends in a Fish Tank website, you can login via Facebook and customise your fish (takes less than a minute) or you can just play immediately without logging in. It works on a mobile browser as well but it might be easier to play on your desktop/laptop. I tried both, and prefer the web browser. Gameplay is simple, just hit the spacebar on a laptop, or tap your mobile screen and try to eat as many chocolate bubbles as possible, without dying.


All you have to do to stand in line to win is visit and play the game until you are happy with your highest score. Then take a screenshot of your high score and post it in the comments section below! You can login via a Disqus account, Twitter, Facebook or just as a guest. If you have trouble sharing your screenshot, mail it to me on and I will guest post it on your behalf.

It’s really that simple. The person who makes the highest score wins the R1000 voucher. You have two weeks, until Tuesday, 6 September midnight to post your screenshots. Only one entry per person. Open to South Africans only.

You can create a game and challenge your friends to join, or you can play individually. I created a game but played on my own, so this is what my score looks like (first pic below). It’s the number that appears on the middle of the screen, and not the total amount of chocolate bubbles you ate, on the top right (just thought I’d point this out after taking a look at the Cadbury SA Facebook page). If you play without creating a game and inviting friends, your score will look like the second image below. Oh, I didn’t play enough to make a really good high score, but you get the idea.

You can post your score in any of these two methods:



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  • Here’s the highest score I managed! 🙂

  • Based on some of the queries I’ve received, if the same high score is reached by more than one person, I will have to use to select a winner.

  • aasia

    heres mine 🙂

  • Kathers

    Is this okay?

  • Lynn Botha

    This game is soooo addictive. Hope this is right 🙂

    • Wow! Excellent 😀

      • Lynn Botha

        Thank you 🙂

    • Sheesh. Seeing a score like that after playing a while kinda makes it difficult to keep trying for the comp, Nafisa.

  • Kat

    Been playing non-stop and this is the best I could do 🙂

  • Tanika


  • Tristan Kemsley

    Had fun playing with friends 🙂

    • I appreciate all the effort that went into getting this score but alas someone else topped that! Thanks for playing 🙂

  • Aashikah Abdullah

    Hopefully this is good enough 🙂

    • Congratulations Aashikah! 🙂 That’s one impressive score! I will send your name and email address to Cadbury SA shortly and they will send you your voucher.

      • Aashikah Abdullah

        Ah, that’s really awesome news, thank you very much, quite excited 😀