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p8-mediaHuawei have just unveiled the new P8 at a media event in London.

The “Ascend” brand has been removed from the P8, which I personally prefer – the shorter the name, the better (as easier to type).

As you can clearly see, Huawei have put a lot of effort into the design, including the packaging.

They are trying to appeal to a wider audience. Huawei says its for those who “pursue high fashion and the latest design trends”.

A more detailed story will appear on Vodacom Now tomorrow. In the mean time, here are some photos of the 5.2″ device.

EDIT: Full article can be found here



This packaging ain’t cheap.


The all metal design feels premium.


Above from left you can see the nano SIM slot, the secondary nano SIM/micro SD slot, power button and volume key.


Huawei compared their camera to other smartphones and the fact that it does not have a protruding lens. Flat back.


The various themes on the smartphone. Aimed to appeal to fashionistas, business folk and the hip crowd.


A sample shot from the hotel rooftop, unedited, only resized.

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