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Without further ado, here is your second clue:

Not a window or a gadget, but a bit of both for your N97.

Good luck!

If you’ve missed the first clue, along with the what when why how, check my previous post. Remember that all answers should be emailed once the fifth clue is published, to this address. First three correct entries, along with a scanned copy of a valid South African ID will win. South African passports will be accepted with proof of residency. If you want to fax your ID instead, please drop me a mail and I will provide you with a number.

All clues have been / will be published at 13h00 SA time on the following dates:
Clue 1 – published on 26 May
Clue 2 – published on 28 May
Clue 3 – to be published on 30 May
Clue 4 – to be published on 31 May
Clue 5 – to be published on 2 June

Thank you all who retweeted and linked me on your blogs, the response has been fantastic.

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  • Maelly

    Thx, 3 to go

  • Nice one!

  • I need to scan my ID already 😛

  • ah … took me a minute there. Another good and tough clue.

    I need to get my id scanned too, I might actually win something for the first time in my life

  • @everyone – very confident, I like. Yes, please start scanning your ID’s 😉

  • hey, is the answer just 1 word or can be more then one?

  • @ismail – all answers are one word.

  • Ismail, I like the fact that you’re digging deeper 🙂