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Good news! South Africa will finally get its own music streaming service when Simfy launches at the end of August.

You can pre-register right now at www.simfy.co.za and wait for your notification when the service goes live for a free 14-day trial. If you’re lucky, you can get an immediate 6 month subscription.

EDIT: This service is now live and you can sign up immediately. A one month subscription will cost you R60; a 3 month will cost R170 (save R10); a 6 month R325 (save R35) and a yearly subscription is R620 (save R100).

So what’s so special about it? You have access to more than 18 million tracks – all legal (and a good selection of South African music too); you can create your own playlists and favourites; use it in offline mode; and you can listen via your mobile handset (Android, BlackBerry and iOS supported), apart from Mac and PC support.

This blog post was typed while streaming music on Simfy….

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