gadget / 04/09/2009

Skullcandy + Paul Frank = Happiness

Good news! If you’re a fan of Skullcandy and Paul Frank as I am, you’d be just as excited to know that we, third world South Africa, will be getting the Ink’d line of these cool earphones next month. But, we wont be getting the Hesh line. This is according to Luks Brands, Africa’s sole distributor of Skullcandy.


I’ve got my eye on the blue Julius pair šŸ˜‰

Nafisa Akabor
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  • apart from looking sort of.. bright.. I guess what is the sound quality actually like.

    I just bought my 3rd pair of Sennheisers, a pair of CX500 earbuds. They’re supercheap at and I needed them after i broke my last pair.

  • khuli khumi

    its amazinf that we uot them in s.a but my question is were do we buy them

  • Try Musica or Dion Wired. Some random surf shops also sell, like Billabong.