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Smile and say S9

mobile, published  /   /  By Nafisa Akabor

The specs of Samsung’s 2018 flagship devices were leaked before its launch last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking some of the punch out of the event.

But the Galaxy S9 and S9+ handsets — with their equal focus on consumers and business users — have been welcomed for some standout features, especially their superior camera.

It brings variable aperture to a smartphone for the first time, switching between F1.5 for low-light photography and F2.4 for outdoor conditions.

Both handsets have this feature, but the S9 has a single 12MP camera, and the S9+ has a dual camera setup (12MP wide angle; and 12MP telephoto). Samsung claims that there is a 60% improvement with low-light photos compared with the S8.

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