lifestyle / 12/12/2008

Spotted at Big Blue

Really cool t-shirt spotted at Big Blue:


Need I say more? 😉

Nafisa Akabor
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  • Oh no, who will buy that now!!!
    can you imagine carrying that around…only a farmer!!!

  • oh no seems that comment under the wrong post…will have to work out this site works.

  • Lol Marcy. The comment bubble for the post appears next to the blog title. You’ll get the hang of it soon 🙂

  • Maybe I should get one like this, no?

  • how sadly true
    and then the marathons start 😛

  • What does it say about my femininity that I’m as commitment phobic as most men? If I were the bride pictured, I would have been weeping! 😀

  • Syl – I think they’re sold out by now

    Nooj – if you cant beat em, join em.

    redsaid – lol, yeah like your resolution for this year, no boyfriend? 😉

  • This is me leaving a random comment on a random post 😉

  • My life, right there on a teeshirt.

    It’s not an original design though, been floating on the web for a while.