lifestyle / 12/01/2009

Spotted at Dion Wired

I spotted these being SOLD at Dion Wired, God help us 😛


In case you’re wondering what this ghastly thing is, its a croc… for your phone!

Nafisa Akabor
Always online... except when I'm offline.

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  • Save us!

  • Deon

    I don’t know who is worse, really, the people that design these butt-ugly things or the morons that BUY them.

    Great new look, Nafisa! Yours has to be the nicest blog I think I’ve ever seen. Keep it up!

  • Ash


    When will they stop designing these ugly ass crocs!

    Nice blog btw and brilliant/awesome theme. Added to my blogroll and google feed reader:)

  • Hey Hey 🙂
    Love the website 🙂
    should I change my link?