meme / 12/05/2009

Tag, you’re it.

Okay, I’ve been tagged by Kimya, via MJ‘s blog, initiated by Kay.


This is the advice I have for my kid(s):

  • If you lose your cellphone, sorry for you. That’ll teach you to be more responsible.
  • If you overspent your allowance, don’t come to me for more.
  • If anyone in your class steals your candy, suck it up and stand up to them. Use your fists.
  • If you get your butt kicked in an online co-op, spend the next 24 hours practising. Real hard.
  • If you even think about sneaking out of the house… well, you don’t want to know what will follow.
  • If you find yourself forever on hold at Telkom / Vodacom / MTN call centres, stick it out. We all did.
  • Don’t play with knives or fire.
  • Don’t trust anyone who uses terms of endearments everytime they speak to you.
  • Don’t get mad, get even. Ok kidding. Ok, well, depends on the situation 😛
  • If you’re anything like me, you’ll follow your instincts, which is 92.6% accurate.

Yes, I’m aware that my husband will make a better parent 😉

Nafisa Akabor
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  • lol… awesome tag play. thanks missy dot co za. hmm… i think u’ll make a sweet mummy… and bonus if ur hubby is even better 🙂 good for u!

  • woohoo… do not mess with the mommy!

  • You sounds like a disciplinarian 😀 Me likes

    I’m one too.

  • I’d still love and hug the little snot kops to death though..

  • This is awesome Dude!
    love the first one

  • If i have kids, i wouldnt let them have a cellphone until they’re at least 16. And after they turn 18, they will be responsible for buying luxury items for themselves obviously excluding birthday presents.

    Online games are hard, those guys spend ages living on those things. Noobs have no chance.

  • @Shafs – thanks for having faith in me 😛

    @Saaleha – when it comes to authority, I’m no nonsence.

    @Azra – oh, I’m gonna love the offspring unconditionally.. they’re just not gonna be spoilt brats that I have no control over. I’ve seen the way some people bring up their kids, scary.

    @MJ – experience is the best teacher.

    @Waseem – I hear you, my advice extends to my kids up until they get married and leave my house.
    Re online games, my bro in law started when he was 9. There is hope 😛

  • I hope your husband has a bit more compassion. That’s how I treat my interns though. My interns are like children.

  • Nita

    Don’t sell yourself short. You’ll be your baby’s only mother and you’ll be their everything.

  • I find it really cool that we all actually WANT kids 🙂

  • Good thing you have like another five years to change your advice.. actually it might be more harsh… 😛

  • AD

    hey you’d b an exceptionally great parent!
    i mean in times to come we gotta be real strict… our parents were strict and yes we cursed them while we grew up and now i love em so much cuz i m glad they knew wht they were doin!

  • @Antonio – he does; kids love him. If he could, he’d watch cartoons with them the whole day. I mean it.

    @Nita – true 😉

    @Nielfa – but of course, don’t you want to see mini versions of you and your husband running around? 😉

    @Razia – lol, if the way I used to treat my cats are anything to go by, I’m gonna be a softie 😛 Apparently I spoilt every single cat we had.

    @AD – I hear you. It was only after I got married that I appreciated how strict my dad was.

  • Tell em to choose Microsoft over Apple 😛

  • No ways, you’ll be a kick ass mom. Literally and figuratively. I’ll definitely be the strict one too, probably because I was so damn naughty.

  • Why do we feel as if our kids will be very naughty? Lol…I’ve also got some shouting advice moments. Lol.

  • coffiebean

    LOL! thats exactly how i pictured you being a parent 😉