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Telkom-MobileTelkom Mobile is offering all South Africans free WiFi across the country.

The promotion will run from 8 August until 15 December 2013 and is not limited to Telkom Mobile customers, but extended to non customers as well.

The offer can be used at any of over 1,500 WiFi hotspots around the country. Each user is entitled to an hour a day of unlimited data at these locations. Participating partners include Primi Piatti, King Pie, McDonald’s, Hungry Lion, Wimpy, Steers and Ocean Basket.

Customers can make use of the free WiFi by SMSing the word “free” along with their email address to 32707 (R1 an SMS), and will receive an access code and PIN. Once at a WiFi hotspot, the network “Telkom Mobile Guest” should be selected and login credentials received via SMS needs to be entered to make use of 60 minutes free WiFi per day.

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this offer can locate their nearest Telkom Mobile WiFi hotspot here: http://www.telkommobile.co.za/wifilocations 

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