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Unless you’ve run out of Wii games to play, you won’t be rushing out to buy this title. I found this game such a chore to play. Perhaps it was the freaky-looking creepy crawlies that were off-putting or maybe it had something to do with me being female. Whatever the reason, I didn’t enjoy it.

deadly_creatures_wiiTo start playing Deadly Creatures, you have to select what you want to start off play as, a scorpion or a tarantula. Each of these creatures has different fighting styles. The tarantula is quick but vulnerable and cannot block attacks while the scorpion is slower, packs more punch and has an advantage of brutal finishing moves but isn’t as agile as the tarantula. Once you’re done with your selection, all you have to do now is start fighting insects, spiders and reptiles. And they’re not pretty looking, so consider yourself warned.

Gameplay requires the use of both the Wii remote and the Nunchuck. The Wii remote is used to attack and the Nunchuck is used for movement. The game has ten stages which alternate between the tarantula and the scorpion. In other words, there are five scorpion stages and five tarantula stages. Each stage has multiple goals, like getting to a specific location or exploring a certain area. Every time you complete a goal, the next one pops up. You are tasked with completing goals by using the character’s abilities. The scorpion, for example, is able to cut through grass and reach new areas, while the tarantula is able to jump through webs, something the scorpion can’t do.

There is a story to the game, but it seems a bit pointless as the main focus of Deadly Creatures is engaging in brutal combat. If you think you can play a game like this for hours on end, then by all means go out and get it. But, it’s not a fun, family-oriented game that everyone can participate in and certainly cannot be played over and over.

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