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Earlier this evening I attended the Zara South Africa launch in Sandton City, which makes it the 80th country that Zara has expanded into. It is also one of the largest stores worldwide and covers more than 2,700 square meters; and has a nice airy feel to it. 

If you’ve never been to a Zara store before, you will absolutely love how each rack has matching accessories to go with the look you want: shoes, handbags, scarves, etc. What you will love even more is the pricing – vests from R79, t-shirts from R99, jeggings from R299, jeans from R349, dresses from R499 and loads more. No more paying almost triple that price for jeans!

*EDIT* – The store includes women’s, men’s and kids wear. 

Here are some pics from the store (taken on my phone).

Studio line (pink shoes displayed on the top made exclusively for Johannesburg/South Africa):

Zara is open to the public from tomorrow, 10 November, in the new extension of Sandton City (upper level, by the Woolworths).

Happy shopping!

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