I’ve been using the Huawei Mate 10 Pro for just under two weeks now, and I’m currently in Cape Town for the launch event that took place last night. It’s got a fantastic battery life, AI powered camera, and a 2K screen. The one thing I noticed so far, having not put a screen protector, is that it has minor scuffs on it from sitting in my bag; uh, oops?

Here are 10 things I think you should know about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, if you are considering it:

There will be a dual SIM version available through Cell C, but not Vodacom and MTN (obviously).

As expected with Android trends, the Mate 10 Pro does not have a headphone jack. However, worth noting is that it doesn’t support wireless charging.

Speaking about charging, it supports a fast charge that gets you around 17% in ten minutes from being completely flat. The battery is huge too, like 4000mAh, and yes, it’s excellent.

While on the topic of battery, there’s a “ultra power saving mode” for heavy users, or those who want to stretch the last bit without a charger nearby. You can choose apps as priority for temp shortcuts on the limited screen UI. And unlike before, it allows for internet connectivity on this mode, so apps can include social media.

It supports desktop mode that is different to the way Samsung’s DEX. You don’t need an additional accessory; just use an HDMI to USB-C cable and plug it into a monitor. You’d obviously need a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to navigate. Some apps like Googles and Office apps are optimised for this mode. If you’re getting calls while on Desktop mode, it will only go to the handset.

I’d like to point out that the fingerprint sensor is still at the back, which is what I prefer, instead of what they did with the P10. I’m just used to it being at the back, and round.

It has a chipset with AI, which means it’s intelligent, and will understand things you take photos of, or about to. Like it would recognise food, plants, trees, etc, displayed by an icon on the bottom left. Huawei says the Mate 10 Pro’s cameras are now the ‘eyes of the device’. It also offline AI mode, which works brilliantly on the Microsoft Translate app. I’ve translated a whole newspaper page to Afrikaans in TWO minutes. You just need to download whatever language you want. I hope you can see the text below. Also I don’t know Afrikaans, so don’t know how accurate it is. 

You can capture screen recordings by simply doing a double knuckle tap (the way a single tap does a screen grab). This is a default setting so should work the first time you try it.

Quick round up of tech specs: it’s a 6-inch AMOLED display that is 2K; powered by a Kirin 970 processor (it’s the first mobile chip with a neural network processing unit); 6GB of RAM; 128GB on-board storage; a 4000mAh battery; fingerprint sensor; dual rear cameras (12MP colour + 20MP mono), and 8MP selfie cam. It weighs 178g and runs Android 8.

Pricing for the Mate 10 Pro is R17 999 and the Porsche Design version will cost a whopping R26 999! Yoh! For the true Huawei and Porsche fans then.