Last night I attended my first 27 Dinner and it rocked, literally. The Xbox Guitar Hero: World Tour tournament had a lot to do with it.

Capello’s in Sandton City was buzzing… with geeks. So naturally it was dominated by males but I think there was decent turn out of women.

The guest speaker for the evening was Katherine Roderick from Microsoft (her twitter bio location reads: In front of my Mac), who spoke about Silverlight (to rival Adobe Flash), Surface and S2B in her Q&A with Mike Stopforth. She then took questions from the audience.

Katherine and Mike

I remember reading about Surface about two years ago, wondering when it’s going to hit our shores. Sadly, she confirmed that we won’t be seeing in any time soon or in the near future.

After the formalities were over we had already eaten our starters (the sushi was very good) and almost done with our mains, when everyone began mingling and networking. I went along with @SingleSyllable and got to see some friends again, @ilvapie @saaleha @zk @ismail and met some new faces @ncallegari, @melodymaker @eved (we met briefly) and some others who I’m not sure are on twitter.

Then the fun started – Guitar Hero: World Tour tournaments. Some of those guys were really good. It’s pretty obvious that’s what geeks love doing – playing GH on expert level in their free time. Our band, “hashtag” failed our song on 47% (in my defense, I play really well in my living room). Hashtag members comprised of @ncallegari, @saaleha, @SingleSyllable and @thecharmed1. All bands were given one warm up round and second time around was the real deal. Although – some bands were given a third chance. It was all good fun.

As @SingleSyllable says, “I love GH too, but enjoy my social life – what little of it there is – just a tiny bit more :)”

long live hashtag...not!
long live hashtag...not!

I’m not sure which band won the Sandton City vouchers and Xbox games because we left at 10:30pm.

It was an evening of full of fun and I look forward to attending the next Jozi geek dinner.