farmAcer Africa held an event earlier today at Monaghan Farm, near Lanseria airport aimed at its female audience.

Now, as you may know, I’m not a huge fan of women only tech events, and did query it. What Acer is trying to do here is showcase how its products are aimed at women too, and how it can be used in different situations.

I understand why it was done this way because most women who ask me for advice on what laptop or tablet to buy, bring up “but why does everything have to be so ugly” and size, amongst other things.

The Aspire R7 was used in the cooking demo and it is indeed great for use in the kitchen because of its flexibility, however I’m not saying this is the device all women should go out and get – it’s great for men too! The device on display, as used by Thando from JoziFoodieFix, says she loves it because she can use it while juggling a bunch of stuff in her hands while baking, which is exactly what she did here with a Grapefruit olive oil loaf and bundt cake:


Other scenarios demonstrated involved how a dancer goes about her daily life with her tablet (who showed us a few moves) and a mini fashion show. The whole point being, whether you are a foodie, fashionista, reality TV star (or even male) – Acer has a line up of touch devices aimed for anyone and everyone.

Acer Touch 1

From various form factors to suit your style, Acer has flexible notebooks, all in one desktops, power machines, tablets, business laptops, or every stylish ones like my favourite one in the range – the Aspire S7, pictured below left. It has a chiclet keyboard – another favourite feature. Acer Touch 2The focus on the event was the whole “A Touch of You” theme, with the lineup running Windows 8 and devices supporting touch functionality.

acer event(Pic courtesy of Acer)

If you’re looking for a Windows 8 machine that is stylish, practical, small, all in one, or whatever your requirements are, take a look at what Acer has on offer.