Published in Financial Mail. The first electric vehicle road trip in Africa took place last week, and I was one of the drivers. By Nafisa Akabor.

Pic Credit: Calvin Fisher

Road trips are about the journey, not the destination. My experience driving an electric vehicle (EV) along SA’s Garden Route was an exhilarating taste of a new way to drive.

But the journey was peppered with a giant dose of reality: SA is simply not ready to embrace electric vehicles for long journeys.

I was one of the drivers of Jaguar’s I-Pace last week, as a participant of a first for the continent: an electric vehicle road trip that took place over nine days from Pretoria to Cape Town, covering some 2,000km.

The company behind the initiative, Generation.e, has previously held similar events in Europe and the Middle East. Its first road trip in SA took place during Transport Month, and was managed in partnership with the transport department.

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