Yesterday was one of the best days of my working career (it was also the first time I found myself on the highway at 06h20)!

All thanks to Nokia, who flew ten Johannesburg-based journos down to their Cape Town event to meet the “masterminds” behind Ovi Maps (NAVTEQ), show us the behind-the-scenes of building the mapping database, let us see the N97 mini in the flesh and the highlight – letting us participate in a mini Amazing Race.

We were put into teams of four and sent off in BMW’s and Audi’s, using the Nokia N97 mini as a GPS. I was lucky enough to be in a team of 3 locals, who knew what the clues meant.

It was not a race to see who came first, though; points were given based on activities completed (bookmarking locations, MMSing pics and solving riddles etc). At each point, we had to find someone dressed in black who handed us our next clue. Team awesome (as I dubbed us) didn’t to too badly – we scooped 3rd place (there were 8 teams).

We were based at the 5 star 15 on Orange hotel. What a stunning hotel! I loved the modern interiors and especially liked the extra thought that went into the finishing touches. This is what the lifts look like:

There was a blend of media, bloggers and “industry experts”. The one thing most (if not all) of us had in common: Twitter. And tweet we did, during presentations. It’s amazing how it isn’t considered rude (anymore) to sit on your phone or laptop while being addressed.

But this is where Nokia comes in on top. They are using social media properly. It all comes down to them doing it in a way that isn’t ‘spammy’. Something a lot of companies have yet to learn.