TeachMeSushiYesterday I was invited to the iStore for a demo of the Teach Me Sushi app available on iOS.

The app has step-by-step instructions on how to make sushi on iPad if you like using your tablet in the kitchen. You can use it on iPhone too, but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the screen size.

The app covers making rice, selecting the right fish, making a variety of sushi (maki, California rolls, hand rolls, inside out rolls, and a bunch you haven’t heard of!) ranging from different levels from beginner to advanced.

The iPad app has 20 how-to videos in no more than 5 minute sessions; more than 300 images; an ingredient calculator (based on how many guests you have); and a rice timer. It costs R39.99 or $6.99 for iPad.

The iStore ran a competition for all attendees of the make your own sushi event where the most creative looking platter would win iPad minis. Congrats to the ladies who won – very well deserved!

Here are some pics from the demo:

Our workstations
Teach Me Sushi app
Working in pairs at the iStore on 1 Sandton Drive
Tiana and I came up with this… we have other talents too ^_^