FlickPayFlickPay is another mobile payment app that lets you pay with your smartphone.

After trying SnapScan, I was keen to try FlickPay, because for me, it’s not about one app controlling this space. There are thousands and thousands of merchants and not all of them will go for one app. As a consumer, I don’t mind if there are 5 apps doing the same thing- it still beats taking out my wallet from my bag.

I finally registered with FlickPay and loaded my debit card onto the app. It works the same way as SnapScan – you can only load one card onto it; so you can choose between debit or credit card. And of course, you need to set a PIN for the app. So if your phone gets stolen, nobody will be able to use FlickPay unless they know your password.

With FlickPay and Vida e Caffé, you get a free cappuccino the first time you use it. Once you sign up, you will see the coupon loaded onto your profile. Just go to any branch (not Shell garage) to claim it. But I also bought a salad to see how it actually works normally.


The app, once launched and PIN entered, will come up with a QR code that you need to complete the payment – unlike SnapScan; you don’t use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code. The pop-up appears and you will have to point it to the camera attached to the monitor at the till point. It took about two seconds to read and the payment was complete. A notification will then appear on the your screen letting you know that the transaction was successful. A painless and very convenient way to pay.


The app also has other features – coupons & vouchers; merchants; transaction history; sharing and profile settings. Coupons and vouchers shows you the latest ones and you can also search “nearby”. Merchants will make use of your location and show you a list of whats closest to you, branching out to what is further. Roughly about 95% of what comes up is Vida e Caffés.


FlickPay encrypts your details and its only stored on your phone – the same as SnapScan. It’s not stored on an external server – it’s like the way your cards are stored in your wallet. If you forget your PIN (like what I did with SnapScan and had to reset my profile), you can set a new one without resetting your profile. But once that is done, you have to re-link you card to your profile – for your own security.

The FlickPay app is free to download and use, and there are no additional or hidden costs involved in the payment process. It’s available on Android and iOS.