A couple of days ago Line introduced their new Foodie app for iOS and Android, which I downloaded immediately. If you know me, you know I like trying new restaurants and also take a lot of food pics* (I try not to be spammy and don’t auto-post from Zomato). I’ve already tried the app earlier this week and absolutely love it.


As you can see from the pics above, this is what the app lets you do. It has about 24 filters you can choose from, falling under different categories (yum, fresh, chewy, crispy, BBQ, sweet, and romantic); and I quite like the ‘yum’ filters. If you want to take the perfect flatlay photo, you will see the screen surrounding go yellow (above middle pic), and you can adjust brightness or blur (edges). If you’re taking pics at night, it has a built-in flashlight feature that uses your camera flash.

Here’s an example of my original pic taken on the left, and a yum filter on the right:

foodie app edit

I like that it made just the right enhancements on this pic – notice the colours. It can be made more vibrant if you like your pics looking like that.

The app filters are live, so you can scroll through the screen to find a filter you like and take a pic immediately, versus spending more time editing later.

Here’s another example:


I’m quite impressed with the app, other apps I use to edit usually have one “food” filter and I don’t post all my food pics to Instagram, so can’t take advantage of their excellent editing tools either.

*Yes, I love taking pictures of my food, I’m that person. The 1.2-million views already on my Zomato pics mean people love it too!

You can download the free Foodie app on the App Store and Play Store.