New Kauai app launched in SA

Kauai has launched an app that allows customers to order ahead, skip the queues, and collect meals at a pre-selected time. The app is free to download and register, and makes provisions for pick up within 10-20 minutes ahead, or an hour later – or even time it so that when you land at the Lanseria airport, to have your meal ready for pick up. Or maybe buy something for friends or family in another city!

New Kauai app

[blockquote pull=”” align=”left” attributed_to=”Dean Kowarski, Real Foods and Kauai CEO” attributed_to_url=”” border_color=””]We’re seeing a growing trend of customers who don’t want to compromise on healthy eating, but that are also extremely busy and pressed for time. The new Kauai app helps our customers save time by letting them order in the app. It also allows us to reward and connect with our loyal customers.[/blockquote]

The company says its app is the first local app that combines m-commerce and loyalty in one place. It also has a dedicated customer support section and call centre.


Customers who want to use the ‘order ahead’ function to pick up their meals or smoothies later, would need to pay immediately. This can be done by adding your bank card to the app payment section. Or if you have enough money in your wallet (sent to you by someone else) then you can use that balance to make the payment.

If you are in store, you can pay with your card at the till and earn points, but unlike the way Starbucks works, you cannot load credit into your wallet and then pay.

Important to note here is that you need an internet connection for the QR codes to load for payment and earning loyalty points – generated by the app. All Kauai stores have free WiFi.


The new reward system on the app (customers using the old app are being migrated across), offers 2% cash back on ALL orders, which goes directly into your wallet. Except if you redeem a voucher sent to you, you will earn on ALL orders that you pay for yourself.

Customers also earn points which goes towards one of three status levels: Green, Gold, and Black. All customers who use the app get early access to new menus, and members-only promotions. If you like eating healthy, this is definitely the app to get!

Green: First tier with up to 0-3999 points. Earns you a small coffee on your birthday month
Gold: Mid-tier with 4000-9999 points. Earns you a small smoothie for your birthday; and you get exclusive invites to Kauai events. You also get a Raw Bar upon reaching this status.
Black: Highest tier if you have 10000+ points. You get a small coffee and breakfast on your birthday month and the gift for reaching this status is a Kauai reusable smoothie cup.


On the home screen, you will see your wallet balance, points, and things like offers, find a Kauai or send a gift. Beneath it is the Pay/Earn loyalty tab and Order Ahead.

I tried this out at the launch event earlier, where I chose the location of the Kauai I was at – I didn’t give it access to my location so manually searched for The Marc. The menu loaded by categories. It’s such a beautifully designed app with stunning pictures. Whatever you order, you can choose to eliminate the meat or add other/additional proteins, go low-carb, and add special requests (like for allergies maybe). It then took about 30 seconds to process and then display my balances.

how to order on the new Kauai app

The process was seamless, though I am aware I tried it on launch day and that everything was expected to go smoothly, but I’m definitely going to try it out again. Have you seen the new menu? 😍

Dean, the owner, gave us a little background of Kauai and when it started 23 years ago. The big rebrand and relaunch took place three years ago, which some of you might remember with the Rosebank store. They made a lot of changes, and healthier ones. Like not using avo paste to using fresh avo instead; or buying free-range chicken versus frozen. All ingredients are fresh.

Dean told me that all the meat comes from halaal suppliers – and for those are concerned about contamination, there is no pork served in Kauai (which you also probably know but I still get these messages asking!). Anyway, you can look out for breakfast bowls, hot pots, wraps, smoothies, and some new desserts. I’m already eyeing these: Mexi Fresh bowl, Asian Rainbow, Milk Tart (gluten-free), and I already had the Butta Chicken (butternut and chicken cury!).

With Dean Kowarski

I also spotted Kauai branded whey powder at the store, available in various flavours that I’d never seen before. When my current one finishes, I’m keen to give it a go.

As far as expansion plans go, Kauai will be opening up in Amsterdam’s main central station (I’ve been there once!) in August. They competed against McDonalds, Burger King etc so it’s pretty cool it was awarded to a South African company. Look out for it if you’re there later this year.

For early birds who download and register on the app, you can get a free smoothie worth R15 (first 10 000 downloads).

Find the Kauai app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.