My current app of the week is a newly released game called Letterpress for iPhone and iPad.

Letterpress is a two player word game that is not only addictive, but beautifully designed. I wasn’t completely surprised when I found out that Tweetie’s creator (Loren Brichter) is the guy behind Letterpress.

I love its simple and minimalistic design (usually the main reason why I love a particular app), which makes you want to use it more. There are two ways to play – the first is by inviting friends from Game Centre and the other is being paired with a random person (like you did with Draw Something).

All you have to do is take turns to make words from the 5-by-5 grid of random letters. Each letter that you use earns you one point, except if you used the letter in a previous word and your opponent hasn’t used the same letter. Try to use some of the letters your opponent used in his turn to make your word so that his score decreases while yours increases. You can also protect a letter (it appears in a darker shade) if you end up using all three tiles around it. Your opponent cannot earn points on those tiles, until he frees them by using any one of the three surrounding tiles. The game ends when every tile has been used.

If it’s too much to take in right now, just download the app, which is free. The free version lets you play against two other players but it’s more fun if you play against many (simultaneously).

You can unlock it for $0.99 which lets you play unlimited games; gives you more theme options; and the ability to view all previously played words in a game.

Download link.