sarsefilingIf you find the SARS eFiling website frustrating, try using the app, which was updated at the end of June 2013.

I’ve downloaded both the Android version (Sony Xperia Tablet Z) and the iOS version (iPad mini) and there are some differences between the two.

Before I go into that, the app allows you to do the following: 

1. View, complete and submit your annual Income Tax Return (ITR12).
2. Save and edit your ITR12 locally on your device.
3. Use the tax calculator to get an indication of your assessment outcome.
4. View the status of your return once submitted.
5. View a summary of your Notice of Assessment (ITA34).
6. Request and view your Statement of Account (ITSA).


Once you login, the landing page has 3 options to the left on iOS (Home, Inbox, Statement) and 4 options on Android (Home, Inbox, Statement, Logout). There is another logout option on the top right of the app, on both versions. When you hit the home button on your tablet to exit on both versions, you are *not* logged out of the app, so when you launch it again, you can take off where you left off. Remember to logout when you are done, but the app should be updated to kick you out if this happens. 

I’ve never liked filing my tax return via the web, mostly because you need the latest version of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader, and I’ve had a few frustrating moments on my Mac over the years where nothing wanted to load, or I couldn’t read my statements, with the latest version. I eventually used a Windows machine to view letters. But this year, everything worked fine.


What I like about the app is that everything loads quicker compared to web, and the information you need to fill appears in different sections, which is just neater and somewhat less confusing that seeing a bunch of empty blocks via the web. The only thing I couldn’t do, is view anything in my Inbox. Once I opened a letter, I got a message to logon to to view it, via Android. The iOS version doesn’t tell you this, it loads the subject line and a blank document. The summary of your statement is displayed neatly and just beats the web to do the same thing.

Overall, a better & less cluttered option than the web, which is worth giving a shot, but you still need to logon to the web to read any correspondence from SARS.