tweetbot3Tweetbot 3 for iPhone was released on Friday, 25 October and to clarify, it’s not an update to Tweetbot.

It’s a new app built from the ground up for iOS7, which means you have to buy it (again). It’s currently on sale at $2.99 and will normally sell for $4.99.

This will probably annoy quite a few users who already bought the app, but I think if you are a power Twitter user, you won’t mind paying for it.

The most noticeable change is the look, it’s iOS7 inspired – very minimal with round avatars, and white everything. Gone are the grey top and bottom borders, replaced with a fresh white background and very minimalistic icons. All its core features are there; it just looks different.


At the bottom you will still see 5 main tabs: timeline, replies, DMs, and two customisable options of search, profile, mute filters, favourites, lists and retweets. In timeline view, you tap a tweet and it becomes black, with options appearing below: reply, retweet, favourite, copy and details. A quick swipe to the right brings details, and a thread view. Pressing and holding an avatar brings up options to DM, mute, unfollow, disable retweets and manage list memberships. A single tap on an avatar takes you into a profile.


The whole iOS7 inspired look reminds me of what apps look like on Windows Phone, which feels like it fits into the operating system, with no “border”. I’m still getting used to the round avatars. Profile view appears in a dark grey, with a quick glance of recent photos. If you go into your DMs, it’s very similar to the iMessage interface. Side by side, the old Tweetbot does look very dated.


Features of the app include background content refresh, drafts (displays how many pending), media timeline, custom services (Cloudapp, Droplr, Pocket, Pinboard), inline notifications, timeline sync (iCloud) and WiFi streaming.

If you want a beautifully designed iOS7 app, and you are a power Twitter use it, buy it now on sale at $2.99 rather than when it’s $4.99. It’s available for iPhone and iPod touch only.