Cadbury Martian AR App

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Cadbury have come out with a fun new augmented reality (AR) app for its limited edition Martians chocolate range.

Each of the wrappers for PS, 5Star, Crunchie and Astros brings to life four Martians – Cosmo, Buzz, Luna and Cupido through a song and dance routine. Be warned though, this experiences is to entertain children only. I tried it and while it was cute for a few seconds, I can see how it would be more entertaining for the little ones. 

It’s a fun way to introduce them to AR if they haven’t seen it before. The whole experience of placing the slab on a table and holding your phone up to it is cool for the first few times. You can also place two slab wrappers down to see more than one come to life (pictured above).

To get going, you will need to download the Cadbury Martians app for Android or iOS on either Google Play or the App Store, which is free. It’s really simple and basic, just launch the app and give it access to your camera, then scan the wrapper.

The limited edition wrappers also let you collect the martians, you just need to check in-store at a supermarket for more details.

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