canon-photobookDo you have loads of pics sitting on your phone, hard drive or SD card (of course you do!), and at some point thought about getting them printed?

Ever since I’ve been using my phone as my primary camera, I’ve thought about getting my travel pics printed but don’t do it as often as I’d like to. I’ve only tried a bunch of Instagram printing services which pulls images from your feed.

Enter Canon’s new photobook printing service.

The advantage of their service is that you don’t have to link your Instagram account and print little squares (we know the quality goes down when that happens). Canon’s new CSA Photobook service – located here:ΒΒ let’s you create beautiful photobooks using their software whereby you upload the pics you want to use. This means you can use your full high-res images to get the best looking pictures in print!


It’s really simple. You go to the CSA Photobooks website and sign up (so you can save your work and go back to it). Then decide how you want to do your layout, via web or downloading their software – Mac and Windows supported. At first, I opted to use the online method but found that the uploads were hanging on my browser (Safari). So I downloaded the Mac software (about 85MB) and worked off it. When you’re installing it, you will be asked if you want to download all themes etc, I just clicked yes for everything. It does take a while for the whole process to be completed.


I started with my book layout last week Wednesday, it was time consuming because I didn’t decide beforehand what pictures I want to use, so I started going through tons of folders. I ended up completing it the next night, which is when I placed my order. There are different layout options and styles, you can add borders if you want. I kept mine simple. If the photos are not high-res enough, you will see a sign that tells you this. For these pics, I opted to use the small square layout option.


Once I got to the end, the app asked me to login – it didn’t remember the credentials I created on the web so I just created a new account and completed my order. You will get an email for these processes – signup, order, and upload confirmation. The last step, upload confirmation is important. Once you place your order, you have to upload the files to Canon’s server (all the high res images) in order for it to be complete. I completed this from the app – make sure your Internet connection is a decent enough speed – there is a speedtest link at this point to check.


The photobooks are all hardcover, 24 pages and come in either A5, A4, A3 in portrait or landscape. I tried the A4 landscape option, which costs R420. A4 portrait costs as little as R280, and the most expensive, A3 landscape costs R510. If you live in Johannesburg, you can opt to fetch your delivery from Bryanston at no cost. If you’re outside of Johannesburg, you have to pay for shipping.

Canon South Africa says it will take 3 business days before you get your photobook. I received mine today, on the 3rd business day and I’m impressed with it! It also made me realise that I should have spent more time on it (my book title is so cheesy!). These personalised photobooks make excellent gifts for any occasion.


Canon South Africa have given me 10x codes to giveaway on Wired to the Web. All you have to do to stand in line to win is tell me what picture(s) you have that you’d love to see in print OR who you’d want to create a photobook for (birthday/christmas/anniversary gift for someone special/yourself) via the comments section below.

Only one entry per person. Competition will run until next Tuesday, 11 November at 12pm. Winners will be emailed their codes within a day.

The code is valid for an A4 Landscape photobook worth R420.