FNB is known for offering non-bank related benefits to its customers and has now launched a vehicle licence renewal service exclusively via its app. I don’t know about you, but this makes things so convenient for me, having used vehicle licence renewal services before. Sometimes I’m so busy I don’t have time to stand in queues and I actually used Don’t Q service for this in the past.

If you have the smartphone app, make sure it is updated to the latest version where you will notice the new nav>> Car option. FNB launched ‘nav’ services last year with home loans and related services. The whole ‘nav’ branding, when you see it on FNB’s portals, relates to providing you with a navigation in your financial journey, according to the bank.

Some of the new nav>> Car features include renewing a vehicle licence disc easily; shortcuts to paying fines; quick access to your vehicle info including tech specs and if Wesbank financed, access to all your documents; and on-road protection.

FNB CEO Jacques Celliers said having the FNB app in your hand is more than making a payment, it’s like the control panel of your life. Which is so true, well for me at least since I use FNB to buy airtime, data bundles and check my eBucks related stuff. I will be using the service in a couple of months time when my car licence is up for renewal. I’ve added my car already and can see my stats (although it has the model year incorrectly, mine is a 2015 MINI face-lifted model, not 2014. So some info is incorrect via direct disc scan).

I love that FNB says they want to help people help themselves. If I can do something on my own instead of going to an “expert” (think travel agent), then I will do it myself. It’s quick, convenient and no chance of incorrect info being passed on.

Within the new nav>> Car services you can expect:
1. After scanning your licence disc, you can request notification reminders when it’s time to renew (I’ve paid a fine before for going over, oops).
2. In-app payment of the whole process. It will cost R199 for the convenience and it will get delivered to your door. No option to have it fetched. Why though? The whole point is convenience.
3. You can load dependents onto your profile, so up to five vehicles per primary user. Great for larger families. It also lets you renew on behalf of a dependent who lives in another city (like student at uni) and have it couriered to them.
4. You can opt to get notified for any fines you may receive, which can be paid in-app (fine payments have been around for a while on FNB). For an admin fee, you can get FNB to negotiate fine discounts, even though the window to pay 50% has passed. Interesting. There’s also bail assist should it come to that. They will pay up to R3000. Of course you can’t be helped if you’re doing anything criminal.
5. Having your vehicle info in the app is handy for instances like if you need to buy tyres and don’t know what the size is. If you’re a Wesbank client, your documents can be mailed to yourself like settlement letters, tax certificate, etc.
6. You can also get a free instant vehicle assessment. Should you wish to sell your car and not sure where to start with pricing.

FNB says an eBucks tie in is currently not an option for these services but it may be in the future. I also asked FNB if they will do the same for drivers licence renewal, and apparently it’s coming! YAY! Life without having to queue for things is looking good.