Seeing that this is the general direction car manufacturers are going with technology, it’s only a matter of time before they introduce their offerings in South Africa.

Chevrolet, which falls under the General Motors brand is the latest manufacturer to bring its in-car infotainment system to the local market with two cars in its fleet: the Trailblazer and Sonic.

The system is called MyLink and features a 7″ touchscreen device fitted into the vehicle, which pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphone. It’s compatible with Android and iPhone, according to Chevrolet SA.

You can take calls handsfree, access your contacts, stream audio over Bluetooth, including Internet radio services, or listen to music. It also lets you plug your own media into the car with auxiliary and USB ports.

My Link

When you plug a USB stick that’s loaded with multimedia content, you can only access it while vehicle is stationary. Makes complete sense to watch videos and view pictures when the car isn’t moving, which Chevrolet put in place as a safety aspect.

When you connect an MP3 player to the vehicle, you can access playlists and folders using the touch interface and select whatever you want. All devices connected to the car charges it too.


Calls can be answered from the controls on the steering wheel, as well as adjust volume, and you can make use of other media player buttons from the wheel.

Additionally, it supports Apple’s voice command system called Siri, for those on iPhone. Using Siri you can make calls, play songs,  switch a sound source, compose send and listen to text messages, and access and add calendar appointments.


That’s all the info I have from the event last night. Check the Chevrolet website for more.