Crosscall brought in its Core range of rugged mobile devices in July this year, in the middle of lockdown. It included durable smartphones and a tablet; some of you may remember I MC’d the event and then reviewed the tablet here.

The French based smartphone manufacturer has now expanded on its products through the a selection of charging accessories that provide convenience in the car, at home or on your bike. The accessories are equipped with X-LINK technology, built into the back of its products which work seamless on the accessories without additional add-ons. They are the X-Dock, X-Car Pro and X-Ride.

Julien Furiot, Director of Crosscall Africa says, “We are extremely proud of the new Crosscall accessories as it helps to further integrate our phones and tablets into everyday life. Whether you are going on a long road trip to the coast this December, or camping and mountain biking somewhere off the beaten track. With these accessories you can ensure that your Crosscall phone is always close by and ready to capture every special moment.”

Here’s a quick look at the three accessories:

X-Dock: A new design adapted to the Core-T4 – R899

The X-Dock is compatible with Crosscall’s tablets and smartphones. You might recall all devices come with a built-in magnetic clip, called X-Link at the back, to work with its accessories. The X-Dock offers Quick Charge compatibility and an additional USB port. It can be used at home or the office – or a home office like me – and it’s convenient. I prefer using this method to charge instead of keeping the tablet on the floor while it charges. In addition to instant charging, it also does data transfers if connected to a computer.

This is what it looks like at my desk. You can use horizontally or vertically. I like the convenience, ergonomics and overall neat factor of it. It also just hides cables.

X-Car Pro: A telescopic arm to adapt to all vehicles – R1099

The X-Car Pro is a nifty accessory with a telescopic arm that can move to suit whatever angle you want it to display. It allows for quick recharging of your phone or tablet while driving. I like that you don’t have to fumble for a cable. You just slot the device via the magnetic grip as it connected to the cigarette lighter port (do they still call it that?).

It charges via fast charge 3.0 and has a double ball joint for orientation and flexibility. It comes with two types of brackets:
– A suction cup support, mobile, infinitely repositionable, and ideal for smooth surfaces.
– A self-adhesive support 3M™, more compact and more discreet, for a permanent fixation.

I chose to go with the latter. I just have bad experiences with suction cups from years ago. They never seem to sit in place, likely due to the heat from the sun where it unclips. I chose the more “permanent” method in my car, but positioned it in such a way it sits on an arc and is held up with that extra enforcement, which gives me peace of mind.

Here’s my set-up. I know it looks extra to drive with a tablet around. I mean it’s no Tesla but it’s convenient for now. The Crosscall tablet has 2x SIM slots and one SD card slot. I popped in my freebie FNB SIM (the one where you get free mins, SMS and data based on eBucks level every month) and rain SIM card.

X-Ride: Charge your phone while driving – R1129

The X-Ride is an accessory for motorbikers. The mount lets you attach your smartphone to the handlebars or the rear-view mirror to use it as a GPS or camera, all while it recharges. It features Glove Touch and Wet Touch technologies so you can use your device without removing gloves or when it’s raining. Crosscall says the smartphone will be optimally fixed and will remain in place even in case of high speed and strong vibrations.

The X-Ride can be plugged into the USB port of the bike and the cable provided, once unplugged, remains protected from dust and rain due to a protective cap. It features a double ball-and-socket system that allows a 360° orientation of the mobile to allow filming with flexibility. I don’t have a bike so haven’t tried this.