CubeCubify’s plug-and-play Cube 3D printer will go on sale in South Africa from Monday, 18 November.

It will be available through Dion Wired from its Woodmead branch and online, making it one of the first retailers locally to sell a 3D printer.

I’ve been reading with interest on what is being 3D-printed worldwide, such as guns (remember the Liberator?), dresses (Dita von Teese wore the first 3D printed gown), organs (as in a liver that survived 40 days), NASA has printed rocket parts, and more recently chocolate sculptures (world’s first Chocnology expo in South Africa).

If you ever wondered how 3D printing works, it’s a layer-by-layer type of printing that eventually all fits together and depending on the printer, plastic, metal or polyurethane can be used to print.


The Cube 3D printer will feature touch screen controls, come in a contemporary design in a range of colours, will weigh 4kgs, and comes with 30 free printable creations. It’s also home certified and safe for as young as 8-year-olds to use. The printer is compatible with Mac and Windows, including Windows 8.1.

It will retail for R20 000.

Check out the Cube 3D printer in action: