Last week I attended a media briefing where results from a study of digital lifestyles on South African consumers were presented. It is the first time such an indepth study within SA was conducted. I found it quite interesting because I lead a very ‘digital’ lifestyle. I rather spend money on electronic goods / gadgets than make up, jewellery or clothes.

Those surveyed earn above R 8 000 and live in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Basically, those earning less than R 8 000 were not leading the digital lifestyle and it didnt make sense for them to be surveyed.

Candidates were questioned on their internet activities, digital products, cellular / mobile activities. Based on the results, they were classified using the ‘Digital Lifestyle Measure’ (DLM). The classification, based on the score, was then divided into 4 groups (DLM1 – DLM4). Digital products like cellphones, flat screen TVs, camera’s, laptops etc were used to score points and more points were awarded for uncommon technologies.

Fewer digital goods mean you fall under DLM1-DLM2 and average would be between DLM2-DLM3, while above average DLM3-DLM4.

mxitThese were some of the results:

  • The most common form of communication in SA is Mxit
  • More than half of IM users are in the 16-24 age bracket and use IM everyday
  • Mobile IM has more than doubled in the last 12 months.
  • The percentage of registered Facebook users decreased with age, except for the oldest age group (45 and over).

The study also concluded that the higher the consumer DLM, the earlier they registered on Facebook.

The Digital Lifestyle predictor is an ongoing study.

Mxit was just fortunate they came out at the right time. I dont think (if they have competition out there) that anyone can take over easily. I’m not a Mxit fan, I find that its more for tweens / teens or people who are still dating and of course people who are bored in their current relationships.

Originally blogged on My Digital Life.