Published on Digicars. It’s back to school and back to routines this week. Staying safe on the road is important, and to help kickstart 2020 the right way, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind when you get behind the wheel.

1. Plan new routes
To keep things fresh and for your own safety, do not use the same route all the time. Use Google Maps to plot all the locations you need to be at to find new routes that you can alternate with existing ones. The last thing you want is for someone to know your exact movements on any given day or be targeted and followed.

2. Waze/Google Maps integration
If your vehicle supports smartphone integration, make it the second thing you do after getting into the car, after locking all doors. Make sure you have your destination set before driving off even if you know where you’re headed for live traffic updates, which these apps support. It will help you re-route and save time. NB: Also take phone calls via Bluetooth when driving.

3. Stick to the vicinity
With the ever-increasing petrol costs, keep in mind where you need to be at which times, and plan your routes more efficiently. Look for extra murals in the same vicinity or get the grocery shopping done ahead of stopping at the school so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

4. Speed limits at schools
If you’re going to a new school this year, make sure you familiarise yourself with its own speed limits outside the pick up or drop off points, and whatever other rules they may have in place during peak hours. Keep an eye out for the little ones crossing when they shouldn’t be.

5. Make commutes fun
If you have a car full of kids and a bit of a distance to travel, make things educational and fun. Try finding podcasts on topics that each child has an interest in or something quiz related so you can switch it up daily. You could also introduce them to new topics that could be of interest and are topical or newsworthy.

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